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Amazing deck and decor construction!

I found this awesome article from and wanted to share it with you all! I absolutely love the style of the design and the decor they have chosen to compliment their space. Truly feels like modern and country have collided to...

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2020 Front Door Trends!

Hello! I am so excited about this weeks blog! I decided to talk about 2020 Door trends because, as you may have noticed, homeowners are making some serious statements! I found this article at and really enjoyed it! I have also...

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Homestead in 12 steps!

HELLO! This week I wanted to do something different! Something I have often wondered about and have heard of but never took the time to research. Homesteading. I think it is such a valuable idea! This article gave me lots of inspiration ...

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Spring Cleaning 2020!

Hello friends! The weather this week has been AMAZING! I know its early but doesn't it feel like spring? With these warmer temperatures and sunny, clear blue skies I'm convinced spring has come early! (Maybe wishful thinking?) It has defi...

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Projects – DIY Style

DIY - Do it yourself I absolutely LOVE the idea of DIY! From home decor to restoration, anything that allows me to create :) I have been getting a ton of inspiration lately and wanted to share some of my favorite projects with you all! Ther...

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Whats “IN” for 2020

Last week we shared all about what is "OUT" for 2020 as far as interior decor, this week we will highlight whats "IN" Check out this awesome article form I gotta say, I LOVE most of these 2020 trends! What do you thi...

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54 Outdated Home Decor Trends!

Click Here for full article! I have been staging and decorating a ton lately! Found this article helpful for designing. Here are the first 20/54 trends, I still LOVE some of these! What do you think?? 1. TILE COUNTERTOPS Tile count...

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Downsizing and the big payoff.

We recently discovered this great article on downsizing and wanted to share it with you all! It was surprising to read that there are many more benefits than we originally imagined. Maybe this is the next big thing?! Read below for the ful...

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Top 10 tips for Staging your home for sale!

I have always been a strong advocate for staging! Staging your home makes it ready for sale! I've had countless experiences over the past 26 years where some minor adjustments and changes have resulted in a successful home sale! Here is a r...

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