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    Hello! I am so excited about this weeks blog! I decided to talk about 2020 Door trends because, as you may have noticed, homeowners are making some serious statements! I found this article at and really enjoyed it! I have also included some of my FAVORITE door pics! I hope this is inspirng for you too! Don’t be afraid to let loose, be creative and experiment with color!

    2020 Front Door Trends

    Front Door 2020 Trends

    Wondering what the front door styles are likely to be in 2020? Here are some front door trends that will freshen up the look of your house.

    1. Go Gray
    2. The custom wood door trend took off in 2019 and we think this trend will stick around for 2020 — especially gray stain and glazed doorways. The modern feel of various shades of grey or black with blue hues is becoming increasingly popular for front doors. While the traditional natural brown and red finishes are still going strong, the grey trend will continue to grow in popularity over the coming year. These muted greys will add a contemporary look and complement similar features inside.

    3. Natural wood stains
    4. Using the beauty of natural wood stains is a look that is always here to stay. People are incorporating outdoor elements by using natural wood stains for the entire door or certain elements of the door, such as accents. However, depending on what your current door is made of, incorporating natural wood elements could involve entirely replacing an exterior door. This could become expensive, especially if you begin trying to create custom natural wood elements.

    5. Moody colors
    6. Doors with bright pops of color in teals, orange or red have been around for a while now. In the front door 2020 trends forecast are bold, dark and moody colors. All it takes is a simple do it yourself application of paint to achieve this look, which keeps the cost of this update low. Colors we have seen trending are midnight blues, charcoal and deep purples that help complement a neutral exterior. The best part? There’s no need to replace the whole door with this trend and is the most cost-effective method of giving a quick facelift to the exterior.

    7. Fiberglass and steel
    8. Wood frames are some of the most traditional and time tested materials, however, in 2020 front doors are trending to low maintenance fiberglass and steel. Use fiberglass as a great alternative as this option is cheaper, more durable can be painted over or be made to mimic a wood-like appearance. Steel is a stronger and lighter material that is more sustainable and energy-efficient. A smart option for housing in colder climates in 2020 are doors with a steel sheathing with polycarbonate foam insulation core that requires no extra weather stripping.

    9. Added glass elements
    10. Oversized exterior glass elements have seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last year. This trend creates a bright and open feel allowing in tons of natural light, giving you a full view of the outdoors. While full glass views help modernize the entrance, glass can be a poor energy option as it loses much of its heat and comes with security risks of its own. Look for low emissivity coatings or conductivity ratings or multi-layered glass to help you decide on the highest quality glass in your budget.

    11. Custom hardware
    12. There is no need to spend a fortune to update the look of your existing doorway. Refresh the look of your home with custom hardware, which can easily be swapped out to make a large impact with minimal cost and effort. The hot front door trend in 2020 is upscale metal accents in brushed metal and champagne bronze for door knockers, knobs, and levers. These could pair well with a simple, updated paint job.

    13. Smart home features
    14. Making sure your home is securely protected is always of heightened concern for most homeowners. At the same time, the cost of smart homes has decreased — making technology a 2020 trend that will not only continue growing over the year but will likely eventually become ubiquitous. There are many smart gadgets that will boost the security of your house on the market. If you want to get started, try a smart lock for your front door. You can access and unlock or change the pin code from anywhere in the world. Get added functionality and peace of mind with smart video cameras and alarm devices that are relatively cheap and can be placed near your front door to monitor your entryway at all hours.

    Front Door Impact on Home Value

    Because so many features go into determining whether a home is appealing to prospective sellers, it’s hard to say how exactly your new front door will impact your home’s value. This is particularly true if you favor unique designs that are not common to other buyers. However, it is possible to look at national averages to get an understanding of the return on investment associated with front door replacement.

    For example, Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value report shows that the cost of replacing a wood entry door with steel is an average of $1,881. Similar projects across the U.S. retain a value of $1,294 when it comes time for resale, meaning 68.8 percent of the cost can be recouped.”

    All photos found on pinterest! Always getting inspiration there!
    Hope you enjoyed!

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